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      Mr. Mandar Vidhate
     CEO and Chief Designer)

A passionate and qualified designer, Mandar Vidhate holds a specialized “Certificate in Interior Design & Decoration” from a reputed college. His passion for Design is his driving force and his relevant experience in this sector- Over 20 years- makes him a promising professional in “Architectural and Interior design & project management.”His expertise and deeply rooted confidence in these abilities give Birth to the “ Living Philosophy” that is at the core of the heart of “ Rachit Design”.

His favourite project:

I loved hospitality design such as Lounge, Cafe and Restaurants. Being able to experiment & explore with new materials or composition is great. Its never done!

What drives Mandar to design?

The challenge of a space or room and how to make it a picture perfect interior space inspires me to design. The functionality and creating a unique style is amazing.

From where does Mandar (C.E.O. and Chief Designer) draw most of your inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from my daily life, from people & cultures. Being blessed to live in a multicultural country has inspired me throughout my design career.

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