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      Mr. Mandar Vidhate
     CEO and Chief Designer)

A passionate and qualified designer, Mandar Vidhate holds a specialized “Certificate in Interior Design & Decoration” from a reputed college. His passion for Design is his driving force and his relevant experience in this sector- Over 15 years- makes him a promising professional in “Architectural and Interior design & project management.”His expertise and deeply rooted confidence in these abilities give Birth to the “ Living Philosophy” that is at the core of the heart of “ Rachit Design”.

His favourite project:

I loved hospitality design such as Lounge, Cafe and Restaurants. Being able to experiment & explore with new materials or composition is great. Its never done!

What drives Mandar to design?

The challenge of a space or room and how to make it a picture perfect interior space inspires me to design. The functionality and creating a unique style is amazing.

From where does Mandar (C.E.O. and Chief Designer) draw most of your inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from my daily life, from people & cultures. Being blessed to live in a multicultural country has inspired me throughout my design career.

Mrs. Ashwini Vidhate
(CEOP & chief designer)

A fine Art extraordinair turned Interior Designer. She has completed her (G.D.Art / MFA)  in Drawing and painting from “directorate of art Maharashtra state Mumbai, with First class.

Her “Artistic Temperament” endows her with an “open-minded approach towards her undertakings. She enjoys her sublime sense of “Beauty Aesthetic experience in day to day life” which naturally manifests in her contributions to the projects of the company.

An asset of the company Ashwini Vidhate forms a solid ground for “ Rachit Design”.

Rachit Design continues to attract the aspirants looking for “To plan” their places- both ‘Living’ & ‘commercial’ and to adorn/ renovate them. We have a dedicated Team of Artists & Designers to take care of your need. Wall painting, Murals, Sculptures, Canvas-painting, Handi-craft…… you name it and we are here to help you have it exclusively “Made for you”………!

We provide quality services at an affordable price and never give you a chance to complain about our services. Our company always focuses on customer satisfaction and provides better quality services. Our company offers the best interior design in Hyderabad and got much popularity especially for the “Turnkey Projects & Project management services”. Our company is eminent in humble for providing “all-round solutions” services and can able to provide the outmost design for your interior design.

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